About Us

Passionate Pastors is a gathering of like-minded leaders whose passions and dreams give all of us a sense of hope for the days ahead. The future for the church is filled with hope in such hopeless times. Our Amazing God is unfolding the pages of our futures and is revealing to us the chapters ahead. Our capacity to adapt to change has never been so challenged then is these days were living and leading and our willingness to adjust what God is doing “IS A MUST” in order for us to win this generation to Christ. It means networking, socializing, and learning from some of America’s greatest leaders to get us ready and prepared to lead with courage and faith into the future.

Passionate Pastors is truly an experience. Unlike your typical gathering of great leaders, Passionate Pastors strives to engage leaders to network and equip you for growth, change, and influence. These seven experiences with seven great Influencers are designed to challenge leaders to be the change agents in a culture that dictates change for their world. Join Pastors, Leaders, and Great Minds who will envision the endless possibilities of giving more, doing more, and living more, the passionate life for the cause of Christ