Pastors Track

G.R.O.W. 101

This session helps pastors develop himself first as a leader and then a pastor. The greatness of every pastor begins with PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT that eventually strives to PERSONAL MASTERY. In these sessions we will cover the essentials from Vision to Strategy and then to Personal Enhanecment…Here are the subjects covered in this session:


  • Time Management
  • Finding Wholeness
  • Getting Results
  • Financial Freedom
  • Purposeful Living
  • Learning and Leading


  • Choosing your Team
  • Finding a Location
  • Funding your Vision
  • By-Laws and Systems
  • Creating Church Culture


G.R.O.W. 201

This session will begin to take you from Vision to Execution and prepare you for  “BREAKING GROWTH BARRIERS”. In these sessions we will cover the following:


  • Becoming the Pastor of a Growing Church
  • Balancing Family & Ministry
  • Enriching your Prayer Life
  • Learning to say N


  • Understanding Growth Barriers
  • Mastering the Weekend
  • Choosing your Board & Elders
  • Developing your Brand
  • Energizing your Volunteer Base
  • Multiplying Leadership


G.R.O.W. 301

This session will teach you how to ASSESS your Plan, Vision, Systems, and Strategy for contuining Growth in the ministry. In these sessions we will cover the following.


  • Reasesing my Life & Priorties
  • Rest, Vacations, & Strategic Get-Aways
  • Developing Stronger Relationships with other Pastors
  • Eating & Excersing for Maximum Physical Health


  • Nurturing Small Groups for your Church
  • Adminstrative and Staff Development
  • Enlarging your Vision
  • Learning to Take up Tithes & Offerings
  • Launching Building & Growth Campaigns
  • Choosing the Right Conferences for your Fit


G.R.O.W. 401

This last session be hands on with key Pastors and Leaders and see what goes on behind the seens and personally develop the Leader in You. In these sessions we will cover:


  • How to Conduct Staff Meetings
  • How to Conduct Board & Elder Meetings
  • How to Conduct Creative Meetings
  • How to Conduct Conference Planning
  • How to Conduct Yearly Budget Meetings
  • How to Conduct Problem Solving
  • How to Conduct Vision Weekend Planning